Tiny By Taylor enhances tiny house design workflow by 10x!

Tiny By Taylor enhances tiny house design workflow by 10x!

Discover how Tiny By Taylor revolutionized tiny house design, achieving a 10x workflow boost! Dive into our success story now.

Tiny By Taylor 3DTHD User
Tiny By Taylor 3DTHD User
Tiny By Taylor 3DTHD User

3D Tiny House Designer for Business made my workflow 10X faster compared to when I was using SketchUp. Having objects pre-built and being able to re-size them at a click of a button is a game changer - Ridiculously user-friendly!

Taylor - Founder & Builder of Tiny By Taylor

Taylor - Founder & Builder of Tiny By Taylor

🤝 Meet Tiny House Builder - Tiny By Taylor

Tiny By Taylor is based in Wellington, New Zealand, led by the legend himself Taylor Dewis. His passion and experience in the building industry led him to become a specialist in designing and building recreational tiny homes for clients across New Zealand.

"The idea of going Tiny came about whilst living in a caravan, working and surfing on the coast of Portugal. Life in a tiny space was simple, relaxing and stress free, we had everything we needed and nothing we didn't. We proudly build everything from the trailer to the roof!"

Since then, Taylor and his team have built a number of tiny home on wheels including their popular Shaka Shack Traveller and Harry House.

Shaka Shack

Harry House

🤔 The Challenge

  • SketchUp's Time-Consuming Design Process: Starting from Scratch for Every New Design.

  • Laborious Cabinet Modelling in SketchUp: Hours Spent on Manual Creation.

  • Cumbersome Revision Process in SketchUp: Lengthy 3D Modelling for Each Change.

  • Limitations of SketchUp for Design Communication: Difficult to draft plans to communicate with build team and manufacturers.

Before connecting with Taylor about the 3D Tiny House Designer for Business, he was using SketchUp to 3D model all his tiny house designs from scratch. Why Taylor was proficient in creating the tiny house models in SketchUp, it was time-intensive and more often than not, would take double the time expected to comeplete a small change to the design.

"Designing in SketchUp was a time-consuming process for me. Every new design had to be created completely from scratch, leading to inefficiency and a waste of valuable time.

During the detailed design stages, I had to manually create cabinet models in SketchUp, which took hours of painstaking work to refine and incorporate into the overall design.

When applying revisions in SketchUp, I had to extensively engage in 3D modelling, especially when making modifications to the shell and cabinets. This process became even more time-consuming when multiple rounds of revisions were required."

Another challenge Taylor faced with SketchUp was its inability to provide comprehensive plans for effective communication with manufacturers and builders, that didn’t require time put into drafting and learning a new software.

Using the 3D model as a means of communication hindered his ability to convey design intent clearly, leading to the need for additional explanations and support throughout the construction process.

Overall, the design process proved to be time-consuming, impeding the progress of the tiny house building process due to slow modeling and a lack of efficient plan drafting for effective team communication.

💡 The Solution

Making the switch to the 3D Tiny House Design software has alleviated the headache of designing tiny homes in a software not practical for tiny house design, allowing Taylor to streamline his design process, reduce time wastage, and enhance communication with all stakeholders involved.

"Since using 3DTHD Business, the time difference is insane, from 1 day to just 2 hours per revision - simply put: 10x faster.

I can produce detailed construction plans for my team with just one click, reducing any time spent for drafting".

Taylor's design process saw a significant improvement with 3DTHD Business. Here are 5 key advantages he discovered since using the 3D Tiny House Designer:

  1. Time Efficiency:

    The tiny house design software eliminated the need to start each new design from scratch. Now he can create any shell in a few clicks with the trailer, shell and roof tool saving valuable time!

  2. Streamlined Cabinet Modelling:

    Taylor no longer has to spend hours manually creating cabinet models; Now he has access to an extensive library of purpose-built tiny house components for quick and detailed design assembly needed for the final model.

  3. Efficient Revisions:

    Applying design changes became quicker and easier, eliminating the time spent on extensive 3D re-modelling for modifications. Now he only needs to drag and drop ready-made components and adjust the models with just a few clicks! Super easy.

  4. Enhanced Communication:

    He now uses the software to present designs to clients in his meetings, while also making revisions on the fly. This streamlines communication, reduces email correspondence, and ensures clients understand changes instantly while seeing it happen in real time. This means he can spend more time with the client, the design just right.

  5. Improved Communication:

    With the plan generation tool, Taylor doesn't need to worry about communicating with a draftsperson in order to get accurate plans. Instead he can instantly generate a full set of construction plans which he uses to:

    • Communicate effectively with his build team and manufacturers, who uses the plans to understand the design.

    • Print out progress floorplans to help discuss the design with clients during meetings.

    • Send his clients a copy of the exported plans which helps them understand exactly what he's building.

"10x faster & ridiculously user-friendly. A total game-changer!"

🏆 The Results

Tiny By Taylor - Harry House in 3DTHD

Tiny by Taylor - Shacka Shack Traveller in 3DTHD Software

Tiny By Taylor enhances tiny house design workflow by 10x!

Accelerate Your Tiny Home Design Process!

Accelerate Your Tiny Home Design Process!

Follow Taylor's lead!

Experience 10x faster workflows with our 3D Tiny House Designer. Say goodbye to time-consuming revisions and hello to efficient communication.